The Russellville Country Club

Course Rules and Cart Usage

Members are responsible for paying guests' fees before teeing-off. All guests must have a greens fee receipt and bag tag.

2017 Guest and Greens Fee Pricing is as follows:

In season: March 13th through November 5th - $45 per player including cart rental

After 5 p.m. TWILIGHT HOURS - $35 per player including cart rental

Observe the Cart Path Flags on #1 and #10 tees:
Green Flag- Use The 90-Degree Rule (defined below)
Red Flag- Cart Path Only
Black Flag
- the Course is CLOSED

Keep in mind some basic etiquette and rules for the course which protect it from damage and make play faster and better for all:

Please allow faster groups to play through. Play “ready golf” and keep up with the group in front of you.

Help us keep our course beautiful by picking up any stray trash, cans, etc.

Proper golf attire is required at all times.
Golfers should wear collared shirts with golf-appropriate clothing. No exceptions.

No metal spikes are allowed anywhere on the course.
Golf shoes are appropriate. If golfers wear sneakers, the soles of the shoe must not present features which will stress the turf.

Golfers are required to repair their ball marks.
Replace divots, and repair any ball marks so we all get the best greens on which to putt. It takes only a moment. The proper tool and
instructions for doing so may be found in the Pro Shop & Snack Bar area of the Clubhouse. Go the extra mile – repair one or two marks
that were missed by others.

Carts must keep to the path around all tee boxes and greens.
Never drive the cart within about 30 yards of greens, unless you're on a designated cart path. These areas are especially susceptible to
damage by the wheels of golf carts. Never drive onto or close to tee boxes, either, unless on the cart path.

Treat the carts and the course with care.
Never drive the cart through mud, on or off the fairway. Never drive through casual water on any part of the golf course except for small
puddles on a paved cart path. The wheels of the cart can do serious damage to the turf when wet, like leaving ruts.

Always use the 90-Degree Rule:
Don't drive the golf cart up the middle of the fairway from the tee box to your golf ball. Stay on the cart path until you are even with your
golf ball, then make a 90-degree turn off the cart path and drive straight across to the ball. The 90-Degree Rule minimizes the time a golf
cart spends rolling over the grass, while still allowing convenience for golfers.

Proper golf attire is required at all times.
Golfers should wear collared shirts with golf-appropriate clothing.

Rake disturbed Bunkers.
Replace the rake into the bunker after raking.

The Russellville Country Club's golf course receives some of the highest golfers' praise in the entire state, which reflects our members' respect for the game and grounds.  One of the best ways to show pride in your club is to honor these rules.  We thank all golfers who adhere to each of these regulations for helping to keep our course in top shape!